Milano Animal City is an exhibition/research curated by the students of the Urbanism and Urban Design courses 2015 and 2016 at Politecnico di Milano by profs. Stefano Boeri and Michele Brunello. Milano Animal City presents suggestions and visions for the ri-colonisation by animal and vegetal species of the milanese urban environment: it focuses on issuesContinue reading “MILANO ANIMAL CITY”


Animal Spaces is a workshop across architecture and art organised by Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with TU Braunschweig and Villa Manin for international students of architecture. Animal Spaces is also an artistic residency organised by Rave and Waiting Posthuman Studio to reflect of artistic practices beyond anthropocentrism. It consisted of an intensive week inContinue reading “ANIMAL SPACES”


The course New Cultural Institutions at Politecnico di Milano investigates the relationship between space, governance and the economic sustainability of some of the recent Milanese cultural institutions. The aim of the course is to elaborate a critical vision of the phenomenon through the elaboration of experiential installations at the 1: 1 scale. How to imagineContinue reading “NEW CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS”


The Pangea Game is a pavilion realised by the students of IC – Advanced Urban Design Workshop by Stefano Boeri at Politecnico di Milano commissioned by Able Award to be exhibited during Design Week (9-12 April 2019) at Superstudio in via Tortona 28. The installation then moved in Triennale Milano for Milano Arch Week (21-26Continue reading “THE PANGEA GAME”