On the 27th of January 2012 in the Centro Cultural of São Paulo São Paulo Calling was inaugurated. It is an exhibition on urban informality promoted by Sehab -the Secreteria de Habitação of the Municipality of São Paulo- and curated by the architect Stefano Boeri. The exhibition is part of a wider project, lasting sixContinue reading “SÃO PAULO CALLING | Rome”


Savorengo Ker/the house of everybody is an experimental self-building house at the Campo Rom Casilino 900, in Rome, realised by the collaboration between the Roma community of Campo Casilino 900, Stalker and Dipsu / Università degli Studi Roma Tre. The experimental housing prototype has shown that it is possible to realize, at the cost ofContinue reading “SAVORNGO KER”


This work aims at investigating the role of space in the act of the encounter with Otherness, as a catalyst for a radical social and cultural transformation of society. Between the Self and the Other there is a ‘gap’, in which the negotiation of identities, that allows processes of hybridization, takes place. This in-between spaceContinue reading “DWELL THE THRESHOLD”


Milano Animal City is an exhibition/research curated by the students of the Urbanism and Urban Design courses 2015 and 2016 at Politecnico di Milano by profs. Stefano Boeri and Michele Brunello. Milano Animal City presents suggestions and visions for the ri-colonisation by animal and vegetal species of the milanese urban environment: it focuses on issuesContinue reading “MILANO ANIMAL CITY”


A New Urban Oddysey In times of housing crisis and real estate speculation, migrants, homeless, evicted moderns like Ulysses, shipwrecked people in the contemporary metropolis, find refuge and a safe harbour in a former barracks abandoned for years. The Porto Fluviale, like Penelope, weaves a 10-year-long canvas offering a home to those who don’t haveContinue reading “PORTO FLUVIALE: AN ODYSSEY FOR HOME”


Animal Spaces is a workshop across architecture and art organised by Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with TU Braunschweig and Villa Manin for international students of architecture. Animal Spaces is also an artistic residency organised by Rave and Waiting Posthuman Studio to reflect of artistic practices beyond anthropocentrism. It consisted of an intensive week inContinue reading “ANIMAL SPACES”


A Green River for Milan is an urban reforestation project developed for the consultation of ideas: “Scali Milano”, organized by FS Sistemi Urbani in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan in view of the Program Agreement. In this context, Stefano Boeri Architetti was invited, along with EMBT Miralles Tagliabue, Mecanoo, MAD Architects and Cino ZucchiContinue reading “A GREEN RIVER FOR MILAN”


What shape does a Common have? A group of architects sat around a table: Archimacao responded to the call of the assembly to elaborate, with Macao and for Macao, an architectural project that would accompany the wider process currently in place of formalizing the legal status of the building from a spatial point of view.Continue reading “COMMONING MACAO”