UNA CAPANNA NEL BOSCO is the physical space in which “a life returns to being a form of life among others, trees, earth, water and animals, and man approaches a simplicity that gets by subtraction to the marrow of things” (Caffo).

UNA CAPANNA NEL BOSCO is a space generated by a book Quattro Capanne, o della semplicità by Leonardo Caffo and more generally by a series of books called Terra through which nottetempo invites us to question the relationship between our species homo sapiens with the planet that hosts us.

UNA CAPANNA NEL BOSCO represents an encroachment of philosophy into architecture and vice versa: a hybridization of practices and knowledges that tends to anticipate here and now non-anthropocentric forms and spaces of life. A space, the hut, in which to experience coexistence between species.

UNA CAPANNA NEL BOSCO, by removing our bodies from the social superstructures to which urbanity forces us, offers us a space of freedom in direct contact with the environment, a space in which we have the opportunity to inhabit the planet with a light, reversible, shared step.

UNA CAPANNA NEL BOSCO looks like a mother ship, it is an object that comes from the future, asking for a decolonized future, a future written by the oppressed: an Afrofuturist future. To enter this hut it is not necessary to implicitly ask permission to a white male. This hut was built by a group of carpenters seeking asylum in Italy and from Ghana. Through the collaboration with Ebony Carpentry group we are working concretely for an environment based on social cooperation.

UNA CAPANNA NEL BOSCO intends to demonstrate that today more than ever, after the trauma of Covid 19 that shook our lives and questioned our ‘normality’, it is possible to build and inhabit a space of freedom outside the golden cage inside which as a species we have locked ourselves up. A small seed of other possible worlds.

A project by: Waiting Posthuman Studio (Azzurra Muzzonigro with Margherita Gistri) and Landscape Choreography (Emanuele Braga)
For: Andrea Gessner, publisher of nottetempo
Manufactured by: Sumiti (Soema Fedtke)
Made by: Ebony Carpentry
Year: June 2020

Interview to Azzurra Muzzonigro on ARTRIBUNE:

Una Capanna nel Bosco. The design process:

Una Capanna nel Bosco. The design process. Video by: Alessandra Atzori

Una Capanna nel Bosco. The publishing house:

Una Capanna nel Bosco. The publishing house. Video by: Alessandra Atzori

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