Savorengo Ker/the house of everybody is an experimental self-building house at the Campo Rom Casilino 900, in Rome, realised by the collaboration between the Roma community of Campo Casilino 900, Stalker and Dipsu / Università degli Studi Roma Tre. The experimental housing prototype has shown that it is possible to realize, at the cost of a container, a real ecological and sustainable home that meets the living standards and building codes. The house was inaugurated on July 28th, and burned by unknown on December 11th 2008.

Savorengo Ker is an experimental house.

It is the construction of an open and indeterminate process, its shapes and dimensions are the product of the encounter between diffrent cultures that decide to put themselves into play.

Savorengo Ker is an alternative to the container.

It compares with its costs, performance and suitability to produce community and livable urban environments, proposing a real, stable ‘house’ in the place of temporary and emergency recoveries which don’t respond to habitability criteria and are too small and rigid for enlarged Roma families.

Savorengo Ker is a house for everybody.

It is a housing proposal that Roma people make to the public administration as a possible solution to their own housing demand, expandable to non-Roma people in housing need, through ecologic and economic strategies: low levels of consumption, recycling of construction materials, self-construction.

Savorengo Ker is a “shanty with documents”.

It uses the same technology of shanties but it can provide the documents of habitability: it can be considered a ‘proper house’. It measures 70sqm and costs 8.000€ for materials and 11.000€ for labor, the same costs of a container of 32 sqm.

Savorengo Ker was built by the Roma communities living in Casilino 900 Roma Camp in Rome in July 2008. It was exhibited at the Italian Pavillion of the 11th International Architecture Biennale of Venice, then burned down by unknown arsons in December 2008. I presented as my Masters degree thesis in Architecture at Università Roma Tre in February 2009.

See also:

“Once upon a time there was Savorengo Ker, the House of Everyone” a documentary by Irida Produzioni (Fabrizio Boni and Giorgio di Finis)

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