On the 27th of January 2012 in the Centro Cultural of São Paulo São Paulo Calling was inaugurated. It is an exhibition on urban informality promoted by Sehab -the Secreteria de Habitação of the Municipality of São Paulo- and curated by the architect Stefano Boeri.

The exhibition is part of a wider project, lasting six months from January to June 2012, that involves many international actors and intellectuals, to inaugurate a new season in dealing with informality.  The vision of the project is to overcome the duality between indifference or eradication, towards the idea of ‘taking care’ of informal settlements as a necessary, productive, lively part of contemporary global cities.

Laboratorio Arti Civiche participated to the research/exhibition by presenting the case of Metropoliz, a squatted ex factory in the periphery of Rome that housed around 100 families of multicultural origin and coordinated by Blocchi Precari Metropolitani, a political network fighting for housing rights. The project was interesting to me because it was highlighting the issue of scale of public policy on housing, and focusing on the role of the different actors, particularly the institution, in this process.

Segretaria de Habitação, that promoted the exhibition, was interested in understanding how other cities of the world are facing the issue of informality, both in developing and developed worlds, therefore inviting 6 cities to be compared to 6 favelas in São Paulo: Rome, Mumbai, Nairobi, Medellin, Moscow, Baghdad.

Our participation substantially highlighted that in Rome there is practically no institutional planning towards social housing, or housing for the poor. Therefore, the only solution that people in need find, is through self-organization and organization of movements of struggles for Housing Rights.

The main idea of the exhibition, curated by Stefano Boeri, was to inaugurate a new stage in the polices on urban informality: it is about overcoming both eradication of informal settlements or their assimilation to the formal city towards the idea of ‘taking care’ of a ”fundamental, necessary, lively, productive part of contemporary cities”.

role: project coordinator, Laboratorio Arti Civiche

for: São Paulo Calling

in collaboration with: Secretaria de Habitação de São Paulo

year: 2011-12

link: http://www.saopaulocalling.org/ and http://saopaulolivefromfavela.wordpress.com/

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