This work aims at investigating the role of space in the act of the encounter with Otherness, as a catalyst for a radical social and cultural transformation of society.

Between the Self and the Other there is a ‘gap’, in which the negotiation of identities, that allows processes of hybridization, takes place. This in-between space is a space of threshold: ‘the place where different worlds meet’, therefore to ‘dwell the threshold’ becomes the practice that allows the encounter with the Other.

Thresholds are Spaces in-between the Self and the Other

Thresholds are in-between Real spaces and the ‘spaces of the Other’

Thresholds are Gaps

Thresholds are neither One nor the Other

Thresholds are new Hybrid Identities

Thresholds are Theaters of expressive acts of Encounter

Thresholds are Bridges

Thresholds are Doors

Thresholds are Distance

Thresholds are in-between Here and There

Thresholds are Frontiers

Thresholds are Instable

Thresholds are the Wild Land

Thresholds are Circles

Thresholds are spaces of Play

Thresholds are Interstices

Thresholds are non-Hierarchical

Thresholds are Possibilities

Thresholds are Encounters

To Dwell the Threshold becomes the practice that allows ‘to perforate the boundary between the Self and the Other’ (Stavrides) by allowing the encounter among differences.

role: PhD candidate

for: Università degli Studi Roma Tre

in collaboration with: Development Planning Unit | UCL London

supervisor: Francesco Careri

year: 2012-2015

link to video: https://vimeo.com/54192697

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