Animal Spaces is a workshop across architecture and art organised by Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with TU Braunschweig and Villa Manin for international students of architecture.

Animal Spaces is also an artistic residency organised by Rave and Waiting Posthuman Studio to reflect of artistic practices beyond anthropocentrism.

It consisted of an intensive week in the beautiful framework of Villa Manin in Codroipo, in Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy where students of architecture and artists shared theories and practices guided by the Argentinian artist and architect Tomàs Saraceno.

The aim was to rethink the relationship between different animal species in a “non-anthropocentric” perspective, imagining non-hierarchical spaces of coexistence between different species, in which man is only one species among the others.

It resulted in several installations in the park of Villa Manin realised by the students, that constituted an investigation on the topic at scale 1:1.

role: workshop coordinator

for: Politecnico di Milano

in collaboration with: TUBraunschweig, Rave, Villa Manin, Waiting Posthuman Studio

year: 2016

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