In my house“, Thoreau tells us in his Walden, “I had three chairs: one for solitude, two for friendship, and then three more for society”.

Three chairs that represent three different ways of relating to oneself and to others, starting from the way the body lives in space. Waiting Posthuman Studio, on the occasion of Design Week 2018, presents Tre Sedie a Walden: conceived by Leonardo Caffo, designed by Azzurra Muzzonigro in collaboration with Marco Brega, created by Stolfomobili and Innova FVG for the Design Week, Tre Sedie a Walden as in Joseph Kosuth, take life by connecting their function (loneliness / friendship / society) to their form. Starting with the Design Week, Tre Sedie a Walden begins to host debates, performances and unwitting users in Walden Cafè in Milan in search of a friendship that take them into Thoreau’s original project. The idea is simple: a design object conceived by a philosopher (Leonardo), designed by an architect (Azzurra), which comes to life in a space that has transformed a book into a liquid place of anticipations of a better future (Walden Cafè, Milano). “At home -at Walden- we now have three chairs: a refuge for solitude, a game for friendship, a rhizome for an open and evolving society”.

Tre Sedie a Walden was them exhibited at Base Milano between May and September 2018 and then at Triennale Milano in the framework of Il tempo delle donne festival by Corriere della Sera in September 2018.

role: designer

for: Waiting Posthuman Studio

sponsored by: Regione FVG, Innova FVG, Stolfomobili

a project for: Walden Café, Milano

in the framework of: Design Week

year: 2018


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