The Pangea Game is a pavilion realised by the students of IC – Advanced Urban Design Workshop by Stefano Boeri at Politecnico di Milano commissioned by Able Award to be exhibited during Design Week (9-12 April 2019) at Superstudio in via Tortona 28. The installation then moved in Triennale Milano for Milano Arch Week (21-26 May 2019).

It has been elaborated in response to the themes of the XXII International Triennale: Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival.

The result has been a flexible pavilion The Pangea Game, that proposes a playful reflection on the current condition of the planet earth and the species that inhabit it: a reflection of an environmental, social and cultural nature, therefore on climate change, migration and the relationship with other species.

Each element of the pavilion represents an issue that threatens Pangea, our common planet: the structure is made of 20 modular screens that can be placed in different shapes, 9 benches and a table.

Each modular screen holds two tents, one on each side. The exterior tent is made with the thermal blankets that are used to rescue migrants in distress at sea, therefore proposes a reflection on contemporary global. The interior tent is made of a texture with extinct or endangered species of flowers, raising awareness on the fragile condition of our floral ecosystem.

The table and the benches are realised with an African technique used to recycle plastic bottles by using them to join pieces of different materials to make furniture. On the table there is The Pangea Game itself: it is a table game made with wooden Pangea continents and extinct or endangered species of animals. The game is meant to raise awareness on the fragility of the planetary animal ecosystem.

The Pangea Game was designed by the students of the IC – Advanced Urban Design Workshop and realised by Ebony Carpentry and WeMake, with the generous support by Tintoria e Stamperia Lambrugo.

role: teacher, artistic coordinator

for: Politecnico di Milano 

with: Stefano Boeri, IC – Advanced Urban Design Workshop

year: 2019

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