What shape does a Common have?

A group of architects sat around a table: Archimacao responded to the call of the assembly to elaborate, with Macao and for Macao, an architectural project that would accompany the wider process currently in place of formalizing the legal status of the building from a spatial point of view.

Regularizing one’s presence in the city also means regularizing the spaces of the building in Via Molise 68.

In line with Macao’s broader vision of cultural production as a common, the architectural project first of all takes up the challenge of answering the question: what is the shape of a Common?

The project that was publicly illustrated in detail on 12th January 2018 is a project that substantially tends to invisibility: giving up its aesthetic dimension in favour of a programmatic and procedural dimension. An incremental project that aims to put Macao in a position to imagine and realize as many uses as possible of space over time. A common project that aims to make room for a horizontal, open and evolving community.

role: project coordinator

for: Macao Milano

in collaboration with: Archimacao

year: 2017-18

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